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Customer Avatars in your marketing strategy

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

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When I work with clients to create sales copy, I ask about customer avatars. After all, to write killer copy that converts prospects to clients, I need to know all about your target audience, your ideal client.

A customer avatar is part of your marketing strategy. You identify a fictional customer who has needs, desires, and pain points that represent your ideal client. This is also known as your buyer’s persona and can take some time to compile, but the better you know your buyers, the better you are at meeting their needs and marketing accordingly.

By personifying your target customer into a character profile, you will gain incredible insights for marketing purposes. You might even consider naming your avatar and choosing a picture online (I love to personify your client even more! If you have multiple products/services that reach different audiences, obviously, you will create multiple avatars.

So how does this work? Based on research, data, and customer feedback (but not guesses), begin identifying your ideal buyer’s persona through demographic questions:

· Education level?

· Income level?

· Marital status?

· Gender?

· Age?

· Religion?

· Family size?

· Occupation?

Then dig a little deeper:

· What are their interests or hobbies?

· Lifestyle choices?

· Healthy minded?

· Family values?

· DIY mindset?

· Attitudes?

· Politics?

· What are their challenges?

· What obstacles do they face in purchasing your product?

· What’s their role in purchasing decisions?

· What is their social media channel preference?

I don’t want to give you too many questions because if you grapple with coming up with questions particular to YOUR business, you will learn even more about your target audience!

Finally, you can also create a negative avatar. Yup, it’s just the opposite. It’s a dossier of who is NOT an ideal customer. This helps you avoid marketing to segments that don’t suit your ideal.

Now, compile all this info into a one- or two-page dossier for each customer avatar. Start slow, creating one customer avatar for your largest revenue-producing product/service first before trying more. Based on this avatar, you can now tailor your content to your ideal client’s needs, behaviors, or concerns.

Over time, each avatar will need be reevaluated and updated as your business changes. But it’s an extremely helpful marketing tool and should be part of your marketing strategy. By creating one, you will know:

Who is my ideal customer?

What is it they want/desire the most?

Where do they spend their time and money?

How does my product/service solve their problem?

What content will most appeal to my ideal customer?

It's a cinch writing sales copy once you fully understand your customer! Download my free avatar template and get started today.

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