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Storytelling grabs prospects. 4 reasons why a case study is far better at prospect persuasion

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

It's no secret that storytelling is by far the most effective way to grab your prospect's attention. Yes, even more effective than traditional sales copy. People connect with stories, and that's just what a case study is designed to do.

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Case studies are drafted by taking the excited, positive experience of a happy customer, backing it with facts and data, to weave a storytelling marketing collateral about your brand. Can you see why is this so much more effective than traditional sales collateral? It's the equivalent of that trustworthy, relatable person saying, "You can trust them. I used their brand and just look how it solved all my problems." And it goes deeper than a simple testimonial.

But don't be fooled. An effective case study is an intensive creative process and can take months to complete, depending on the data, information resources, and graphic design of the final collateral.

The storytelling of the case study should always focus on "what's in it for me?" (WIIFM) from the eyes of your target audience. It is very niche-specific (versus generic in nature) and zeroes in on a very specific goal related to your product offering. The following three points are woven throughout:

  • Identify the problem (very specific)

  • Provide solutions available/used

  • Offer evidence-based results that highlight how your product or service was the optimal solution for that problem.

Let's look at how a case study more fully engages and educates your prospects and why your business needs to seriously consider hiring a writer to create one for you.

Deep dives into how your product or service solves a prospect's problem

Don't mistake this as "just" a testimonial. This is much deeper. The writer will contact targeted satisfied customers and do a thorough interview to dig into the specifics of what their problem entailed, what metrics they used to identify the problem, the metrics after they used your brand showing the impact of your solution, the specifics of when they realized there was a turnaround in their problem, other solutions they tried before your brand, etc. For a well-done case study, the writer will weave a compelling story of the brand in relation to the satisfied customer's experience, and produce a final document with graphics and visuals to enhance the education of your brand to potential prospects.

Sets you as the authority and thought leader in your niche

By storytelling your brand, and regularly curating thought-provoking case studies, you set yourself up as a thought leader in your industry. There's power in being considered the "expert".

Positions your brand

Positioning your brand is simply about creating a perception of your brand in the mind of the customer that is identifiably different from your competitors' brands. A case study allows you to identify, showcase, and drill down on these desirable differences by retelling a customer success story.

Social proof - testimonial on steroids

Customers now expect proof. Period. Think how Yelp, Angie's List, and reviews on Amazon have influenced buyers through access to additional resources and information. It makes sense then that trust has declined on a company's sales copy alone. A Mintel American Lifestyles study showed nearly 70 percent of online consumers seek a product review before making a purchase. Case studies feed this need for social proof by showcasing real life stories and results.


Investing in a case study is well worth your marketing dollars! You can use the attraction of storytelling to connect with your prospects, while educating them and proving your authority in the market at the same time. And the cherry on top? Whether you have a large marketing budget, or one that is limited, you can use the research from a case study to create spin-off content (blog posts, videos, podcasts). It's a win-win.

Contact me today for a free consult on how I can curate a case study for your brand! Let's make YOU the thought leader in your field.


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