Are you staring down a blank screen trying to figure out of this whole copywriting thing? 

Then you're definitely in the right place to get the magic content your business needs to sell.

True or False:  People don't read anymore, so you should rely only on a glitzy-looking website to convert your prospects.

Absolutely, positively FALSE!

Words matter.  Words persuade.  Words are essential.  A pretty website alone doesn't convert your prospects to customers, boost engagement with your brand, or draw traffic to your site. 
That, my friend, is the power of words. 

Using the wrong words can be the difference between connecting with your ideal client and capturing the world with the story of your brand ... or not.

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My service options ...

Web Copywriting

This is by far my favorite service for my clients! I love the energy of crafting web copy that makes your brand connect with your prospects and makes your story come alive to your audience.  Content drives conversions! From home pages, long-form sales web copy, to bio pages, I write it all.  I thrive on selecting just the right pairing of words to boost SEO visibility, detecting the voice of the audience, and drawing a prospect in to your site.  Whether you're an upstart company launching a new website with a tight launch deadline, or your existing web copy needs a fresh makeover, this is the time to hire a professional.  So glad you've found me!


So about blogging ... it's not enough to write a blog post, and then neglect posting another story for months. Research shows that blogs are highly effective when they are posted consistently and the content brings value to your readers.  It's all about meeting their needs first, and selling second.  Let's talk about ways I can transform your blog posts to provide value-added content for your audience and connect more intimately with your prospects.  Let me curate the content regularly to keep your blog humming. It works!


Writing articles involves a different skillset than writing web copy.  Articles are incredibly useful for showing yourself as a thought leader in the market, while also providing valuable information to  your prospects.  It kills two birds with one stone!  Having a writer who is business savvy and able to translate difficult topics into understandable language is key here.  My education and work experience set me apart from other copywriters.

Case Studies

I love case studies!  These pack so much punch for your money.  Case studies are simply stories of your best customers. Keep in mind, this is much deeper than a testimonial.  I interview your biggest fans and weave a killer story about their experience with your company.  From uncovering the problem they encountered, to how your company solved it, to how you were uniquely qualified to do so, it all builds trust with your prospects.  It's one thing for you to tell the world how great your product is, but it's way more powerful when pleased customers shout your praises and showcase your strengths.  Click here to read more about the power of case studies.

White Papers

White papers are simply long-form reports filled with expert knowledge and research about your services or products, but they are powerhouses for your marketing!  Persuasive in nature, but founded on research, they position your company as a thought leader in your industry and generate leads.  They build trust with your audience and prove your product to the world.  Do you have a new technology that makes your product better than your competitor?  Does research show your service results in incredible returns to your customers?  Be the authoritative voice in your industry, show the world your product, back it up with research, and watch your sales soar!

Web Design

Using website platforms like Wix, I have designed stunning websites for my clients.  From font choices, colors, page layout, flow, to writing killer copy, I've done it all ... including my own site right here!  I listen to my clients to gain a deep understanding of their product or service, their target audience, and why they're unique.  An effective and successful website is a beautiful dance between design and copy.  Make sure you have both.