White Papers

I'm a research geek and enjoy writing white papers to educate and promote a company's latest research, development, and trends.  My broad business experience allows me a unique perspective to thoroughly analyze and understand issues, while being able to convey findings in a thoughtful and articulate way to target audiences.


Writing articles involves a desire to research topics and convey meaning to target audiences.  I enjoy creating space for prospects to learn and be inspired.  My broad business experience allows me a unique perspective to convey difficult concepts in easy-to-understand script.

Blog Writing​

I write blogs with a voice based on target audiences.  I was privileged to be the first health blogger for the Press & Sun-Bulletin's online publication in 2007, and have continued blogging in the health & fitness space for the past decade.  I enjoy building community between companies and their readers.

Web Content

My clients hire me to write copy that not only educates their users about their products and services, but inspires prospects to engage with their business.  Content drives conversion.  When was the last time you had a professional craft a blog post, web copy, newsletter, or knowledge resource (pdf) for prospects?

Sales Copy

Sales copy is all about persuading and engaging prospects about my clients' products and services, and encouraging calls to actions.  I work closely with my clients to understand their niche, their voice, and their target audiences in order to convey messaging that moves prospects to clients.

Website Design

I create websites for clients using the Wix platform.  After consulting with clients about their goals for their website, I focus on user design to format and create the perfect website for their business.  Using conceptual creativity from start to finish, I attend to SEO, content creation, voice, fonts, colors, images/videos, ease of navigation, etc. to create an optimal site to engage your prospects and clients.

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